darjeeling limited

hmmm … a disappointment i thought.

i guess i’m not overkeen on wes anderson, although i did like life aquatic and royal tannenbaums.

in this movie, he overused the same songs (three times for one regrettable sxities number) and kind of trivialised spirituality, which was rather irritating. owen wilson was as great as ever, but adrien brody has an stoopid face. and jason schwartzman is annoying because he gets all the nice gurls even though he looks like a monkee (as it happens he wrote the screenplay with anderson so maybe he suggested those bits?).

i saw hotel chevalier first. it’s a five minute film released on the internet (oh wow) which “kind of” explains the movie. or does it? is the film all in jason schwartzman’s character’s head? uh, i dont care.



One thought on “darjeeling limited

  1. i liked darjeeling limited a lot. once again a story about a defunct family. great. makes you appreciate your own family a bit more.

    the first time i watched darjeeling limited i hadn’t seen hotel chevalier. the second time around i had and somehow it did explain jason schwartzman’s character. otherwise he is just kind of fucked up guy.

    I give the film a 7 out of 10!

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