not quite hollywood

this is a fastpaced documentary about “ozploitation” movies, ie australian bmovies from the 1960s to the present day. the writer/director mark hartley makes a pretty good case for the bmovies providing a fertile breeding ground for a lot of amazing directors and actors. he quite convincingly suggests that without bmovies, there would be no aussie film industry.

lots of grey-haired men and ex-sex symbols reminisced fondly (in the main) about making movies in the good ol’ days back when there was no health and safety requirement. if they wanted to do a car chase, they simply did it on a bit of road with no permission and no provision for things going wrong. in one film they used real bullets! in mad max, the stunts look painful becuase people really did get hurt. sadly in the making of one film three people died in a powerboat accident.

movies mentioned that looked interesting included:
death drive in – the cops trick the punks who they suspect of doing a crimewave into attending a drive in carpark which then becomes a concentration camp. yeargh!
long weekend – a bickering couple go to the woods for the weekend to try to patch up their relationship and kill loads of animals. then nature fights back.
mckenzie – a comedy about an aussie visiting a dog-shit covered london and confusing everyone with his slang. barry humphries gave a wicked recipe for the vomit used in the movie, it cincluded fruit salad, tomatoes, potato salad and lemonade.
roadgames – a truck driver picks up a hitchhiker and it all goes orribly wrong. with jamie lee curtis screaming a lot.
stuntrock – basically lots of explosions!
turkey shoot – in the future, the bourgeois hunt proles for fun!
bmx bandits – with a young nicole kidman
return of captian invincible- this one looked irresistibly bad, with songs, dodgy special effects and low-grade acting

8888 (9 if they mentioned bad taste, which is admittedly new zealand, but still…)


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