street days

corja didnt like this but i thought it was a good one.

a director just asked me if i had a readership for this blogge. ha!!
the director from thismovie was there and seemed pleased to have an almost full cinema on a saturday morning!

enough about directors already. street days is a great movie, kinda pusher like in its depiction of a good man getting fucked over becuase thats how life works. the good man is a smackhead. shit happens. the plot evolves effortlessly. the ending is inevitable and well executed.

its interesting to see the social situation in georgia. seems like its fucked up like everywhere else, but its still parochial enough for a druggie to know a minister from skool (the gap between rich and poor will of course be getting bigger thanks to the might of capitalism). in fact the junkies congregate next to the school where they all went, in a nice nod to the fact that addicts are just basically inept kids.

hmm now im feeling metaphorical, is the director making a broader statement on the socio-political situation in georgia through the vehicle of parasitic hopeless men? m,aybe i guess, it also is what it is but i missed the Q+A coz i was hungry…



good to see this classic in the cinema. lots of films steal from this. james woods is awesome. lonneke and aline were funny, laughing at inappropriate moments.
so many great quotes have already been rinsed from this, but there’s still more to grab – i liked debbie harry’s line – “would you like to cut me on my neck?”


boy this was keerappe

the programme said long static shots indicated that the characters were trapped, but it was actually the writers (who seemed quite nice) taking the piss by demonstrating how trapped the audience was. adfter twenty mins and four shots, the last one being mama boiling three eggs and making a sandwich for her obese son (sounds a lot more exciting than it was), we went to drink beer instead.
worst film EVER

soul boy

just saw this, it was really good! then i met the producer whilst bigging it up to ubie. she was nice too.
it’s set in kibera, the huge squatted area in kenya and came out of a german-led project to engage the locals in making movies. so i believe all the cast are non-professional actors.
sounds like a postcolonial recipe for disaster but actually the acting is first rate, the story strong and it’s really really great. i doubt i will see a better movie this week.
there’s a really cute lovestory going on, a bit of mysticism, a gender analysis,m the beautiful crumbling shacks of kibera… whatta movie.
a bit which brought tears to my eyes was when (without giving it all away) the white father pays a cheque to the young hero and the cheque, whilst given with good intentions is drawn on barclays bank, a bank which has been fucking over people on the african continent for years…
and its only 60 mins long which helps when you is skiving work.