soul boy

just saw this, it was really good! then i met the producer whilst bigging it up to ubie. she was nice too.
it’s set in kibera, the huge squatted area in kenya and came out of a german-led project to engage the locals in making movies. so i believe all the cast are non-professional actors.
sounds like a postcolonial recipe for disaster but actually the acting is first rate, the story strong and it’s really really great. i doubt i will see a better movie this week.
there’s a really cute lovestory going on, a bit of mysticism, a gender analysis,m the beautiful crumbling shacks of kibera… whatta movie.
a bit which brought tears to my eyes was when (without giving it all away) the white father pays a cheque to the young hero and the cheque, whilst given with good intentions is drawn on barclays bank, a bank which has been fucking over people on the african continent for years…
and its only 60 mins long which helps when you is skiving work.


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