street days

corja didnt like this but i thought it was a good one.

a director just asked me if i had a readership for this blogge. ha!!
the director from thismovie was there and seemed pleased to have an almost full cinema on a saturday morning!

enough about directors already. street days is a great movie, kinda pusher like in its depiction of a good man getting fucked over becuase thats how life works. the good man is a smackhead. shit happens. the plot evolves effortlessly. the ending is inevitable and well executed.

its interesting to see the social situation in georgia. seems like its fucked up like everywhere else, but its still parochial enough for a druggie to know a minister from skool (the gap between rich and poor will of course be getting bigger thanks to the might of capitalism). in fact the junkies congregate next to the school where they all went, in a nice nod to the fact that addicts are just basically inept kids.

hmm now im feeling metaphorical, is the director making a broader statement on the socio-political situation in georgia through the vehicle of parasitic hopeless men? m,aybe i guess, it also is what it is but i missed the Q+A coz i was hungry…


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