alice in the underworld – the dark marchen show


this was awesome, a dark gothic adaptation with alice played by an ugly old dwarf. it features a theatre group and some great animation. it was like watching a pulsating pink kinetic scuplture for an hour on happy pills. larvely.



yuan at first refused to rate this movie because she slept for 30 minutes but then gave it a generous 67 out of 100.
i liked it but it was a bit simple. simple and effective though. the main guy is good and the violence is proper. the finnish woman has a good accent and the young bloke is a good actor. uh hanogvers are not good.


an interesting almost silent movie with lots of static shots of three different sites in the netherlands (er ja hence the title)..
1 an industrial site in eemshaven up in the north – people walking to work in streams under windmills, strangely poetic
2 a “nieuwe wijk” in all its glorious sparseness. nature completely under the thumb. a new housing estate with lots of concrete and pavement. no trees, a bit of water. oh netherlands. this pretty mich sums it up –
fkcn bstrds
3 people recreating! at an fc twente match. oh what funny things are men. the view from inside a snackbar is quite funny, lots of hungry mouths staring at the bright lights…
all in all i found this a stunning, strangely watchable, indictment of today’s society. in the netherlands but also elsewhere. society is going wrong people!

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