spring breakers

hmmm….. is this a return to form for harmony korine (along the lines of julien donkey boy and gummo) or a piss-take (like trash humpers)??

it’s hard to say… i liked this despite it being an extended music video with lots of breasts and bling. this is hyper-reality. this is perhaps how people should be makign films today. it can be read as a feminist movie. it can be seen as high art about low culture. or did he simply want to hang out with ex-dsiney actresses and rappers? or both?

most people seem to have hated it. the people sitting next to me in pathe1 guzzling popcorn maybe came because skrillex is on the soundtrack and enjoyed it, that’s also cool, but it feels to me that korine is an amazing auteur who is exploring a theme which is central to his work since kids, namely finding significance in youthful rebellion. but maybe he is taking the piss.

it’ll be interesting to see what he does next.


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