Ginger and Rosa

Ginger and Rosa isn’t that great. I gave it a 2 out of 5 on the post-film rating system, which was a bit harsh but it’s good to support films you like and punish the rest. It just didn’t really work well, despite some excellent supporting performances by the like of Timothy Spall.

Everything is on the level of the broadly drawn stereotype, with the wife who makes a pie to get her husband’s notice, teenage activism depicted in one meeting, a CND march consisting of some placards being waved, run-down London = a pile of rubble next to some gasworks etc etc

I think the problem lies not necessarily with the steroetyping since that’s a way of telling the story but with certain omissions in the story. For example, Ginger and Rosa never have a good old barney over something rather important which happens.

I felt some affinity with Ginger’s father, played by the eminently lickable Alessandro Nivola, since he has strong political beliefs and likes to write, but then he turns out to be a complete wanker who does something unforgivable and tries to justify it with weak philosophy … I hope I don’t do that hahahaha


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