Rotterdam / Svankmajer

Now i KNOW no-one cares, but i am stoked to announce that i will be back in rotterdam in 2o14. The post which was previously paid a fair amount got cut to half pay last year and now of course “due to the cuts” we won’t get paid, but hey i like both being in rotterdam and seeing movies so i will be back.

Also, there will be a full svankmajer retrospective soon in brighton at the cinecity festival. As festivals go, cinecity is pretty small and (whispers) normally a bit shit but fair play to them this year, they’ve got a short featuring a friend of mine talking about squatting AND a bulging svankmajer program. There’s going to be an exhibition, all six of his feature movies, some shorts and some talks. There’s an everything ticket for £25 which would prob be worth investigating….

The link between these two things would of course be me seeing surviving life in the cinema in robodamme in 2011. It never got a uk release as far as i’m aware so it’ll be cool  to see it again… plus i never reviewed it so maybe this time round i will…


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