Švankmajer: The Inner Life Of Objects

First of all bigup Cinecity for putting on a Švankmajer retrospective which includes this exhibition. Which is FREE. So go see it!!


There’s a range of stuff, spread out fairly chaotically. There’s some clippies from films, some sets, some artefacts and a christ with loads of nails hammered into him (which surprisingly is masked from outside view).

But the best stuff is definitely the weird taxidermic objects!!


I don’t think I’d normally approve of this sort of thing but it’s done so well and it’s so fucken weird that I think somehow genius trumps ethics… Interesting conundrum that one. Don’t ask me to draw the line for when “OK” becomes “not OK” but yeah sure it must exist right.


I mean, take a look at that one – i should go back and take a better foto, but cheers to the blog i stole it from because this is definitely the stand-out exhibit for me. There’s just something so right about the skull racing a hedgehog with an egg on it down a long backbone thing. Couldn’t really tell you why…

Finally, my rollerpolo friend reckoned that some stuff had been nicked from the Alice installation at the end of the room. If that’s true, that’s baaaaad karma. Don’t steal from a genius. Uh unless you want to be commercially successful or something.



El Svank on surrealism:

Surrealism formed an ideological bridge from anarchism over Marxism back to anarchism. To me, Surrealism is a certain rebellious stance on life and the world. Its contemporary stance is critically aimed at the current state of civilization. Surrealism has taught me many things: It developed my perception of imagination, instilled in my mind that there is only one poetry, no matter which means we use to express it, and last but not least, it freed me from fear of collectivity. Surrealism is in fact a great collective adventure. The opinions of contemporary art historians are irrelevant to me.


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