Švankmajer: Shorts 4

Damn I missed this one, since the listing I looked at this morning said 6.30, but it was actually at 5…

Sat 30 November: Duke of York’s 6.30pm JAN ŠVANKMAJER SHORTS 4 1988-1992 (55 mins. approx.) FREE ENTRY Virile Games  (Cz 1988. 14 mins.) Another Kind of Love (Cz 1988. 4 mins.) Meat Love (USA, UK, Ger 1989. 1 min) Darkness-Light-Darkness (Cz 1989. 8 mins.) Flora (USA, Cz 1989. 30 secs.) The Death of Stalinism in Bohemia (UK 1990. 10 mins.) Food (Cz, UK 1992. 17 mins.).

[it’s also the listing that says conspirators of pleasure was at 6 when actually it was 6.30 – that mistake worked out better for me]


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