saw five minutes then had to leave šŸ˜¦

should be called kapusta



Hmm i didnt really like the ending here, but it’s nicely shot in black and white.

It’s about a nun and a judge who go on a roadtrip but it’s a lot more boring than that makes it sound.

I guess the message is we are doomed to our fates and i reject that conclusion.

Quiet Roar

Excellent slow-moving movie about a dying woman who takes psilocybin (ie magic mushrooms, not LSD as the synopsis says) and goes back to see her former self. The young her has an ostensibly amazing life – superhunk man, two lovely little wonders, pimp house on the side of the mountain yet she’s deeply unhappy. The older woman wants to work it out and i don’t think she does, although i was dropping in and out of sleep but i don’t think that matters for this sort of film. It was really trippy in a goodway, occasional dramatic waterfalls and lots of mountains. Dreamy.

I’m sad to say that Cinerama 1 was a bit shit – the airco was on really loud and that sucked for such a quiet movie. Especially when the young self said to the older self that you have to listen to the silence and all you could hear was the background roar of the cinema. I love Cinerama generally – it looks like Paris and its faded charms are great, but i think it’s not doing so well (i signed a petition) … and the new lantaren venster is probably partly to blame for that.


Frazzles!! Couldn’t speak for about 15 minutes after seeing this – combination of a headcold plus 4 movies in a row. But quince vodka got me through.

Kind of like the game but better and superweird. How’s that for a review Gino?

Film list



Mole Song

Starred Up

Life on a String

L for Leisure

Tres D

War Story

Electro Chaabi

How we played the revolution


Happily Ever After

Mancanza Inferno

Sorrow and Joy

The Quiet Roar


Iranian Film


Hope Factory



Fall of the Romanov Dynasty

Once upon a time in Shanghai


Blue Ruin

Night Moves

Cannibal Nurse

Already seen

Spies & Glystrup

Selfish Giant



Sorrow and Joy

(spoiler sorry still no question mark on this keyboard)

I don’t like Malmros’ style at all. I can explain that in microcosm and macrocosm.

But first the good bit. He does use excellent actors, likeĀ Jakob Cedergren, who was in Dark Horse – Voksne Mennesker, which is actually the film what got me started on my infatuation with Danish film. And funnily enough in that his sidekick is the wonderfulĀ Nicolas Bro, who also plays a foil in this movie in the form of the psychiatrist. The backbone of the film is the discussion between these two characters and itĀ“s really wonderful seeing them on screen together.

However, Malmros isnĀ“t really an auteur, heĀ“s just some sort of maniac making movies.

His style is bland, boring and austere. Well shot but not interesting. I saw Aching Hearts before the festival and thought it was rubbish, i didnĀ“t even finish it. This movie was more of the same, an old man working out his lusts for 15 year old women. Niiiiiice.

The whole stuff in this movie with making the 15 year old was really unnecessary. He would iĀ“m sure argue that he is being truthful and honest and representing real emotions and real things, but he could have made the same point by having CedergrenĀ“s character be obsessed with a 60 year old actress instead. This would have been cool, for his wife to be jealous of an older woman, making the point that an older actress can still be attractive and glamorous. I donĀ“t care if itĀ“s more authentic if itĀ“s a 15 year old, i think itĀ“s disgusting to be a 60 year old director presenting the male gaze as if itĀ“s ok. ItĀ“s not ok. I like films which if they are talking about society present alternatives for change and themselves practice activism for social change. Otherwise why bother watching them… (obviously i liek abstract- experimental-whatever as well).Ā 

ThatĀ“s the macrocosm, and hereĀ“s the microcosm. Towards the end the wife (played well by Helle Fagralid) brings Cedegren a coke. And she brings him a diet coke, with the logo clearly present. And again i guess Malmros would argue this is what the character drinks, itĀ“s based on real events, people drink coke, heĀ“s being authentic blabla, but this is a director in a position of privilege making a movie which is not a commercial movie (where we are used to product placement) and yet advertising a product which is shit in so many ways. Why do that= You could bring coke in a glass or any other drink. Why show the coke logo …. itĀ“s annoying. Why promote a shit unhealthy american drink… why doesnt the question mark work… so many questions….