Starred Up

I was a bit worried that this would be another stereotypically grim UK movie (seems like we do either hugh grant romcoms or gritty urban dramas where everyone is on smack) but actually it rises above the type. Having subtitles probably helped a foreign audience understand the prison slang, which is fairly heavy.

The film is grim. It is pretty harrowing. It does manage to outbronson Bronson in terms of the oiled up “come on you fucking cunts i’ll áve all you bastards” fighting scenes, which is impressive when you consider that refn’s bronson uis also pretty heavy. I think I liked this more, although there is a bit of a logical inconsistency in the ending.

well harrowed

Starred up refers to a business upgarde normally and in this casde. It’s also funny and a great story, really good acting by the dad and the son.

It was a Big Talk event, which means that David Mackenzie the director was interviewed by some wanker journalist. He asked some crappy questions and at the end Mckenzie said he felt a bit “concerned” (UK english for mighty pissed off). then everyone clapped in support, then journalist bloke said that his ego was such that he felt pleased to criticised. What a twanger.

And then we watched the movie and the talk hadn’t really added much, even perhaps taken away from it a bit since there were some stupid inaccurate spoilers (like the journo said the son was probably inside for something to do with violence when actually he’d murdered someone and says so).

Best use of the word ‘johnson’ since big lebowski.


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