Quiet Roar

Excellent slow-moving movie about a dying woman who takes psilocybin (ie magic mushrooms, not LSD as the synopsis says) and goes back to see her former self. The young her has an ostensibly amazing life – superhunk man, two lovely little wonders, pimp house on the side of the mountain yet she’s deeply unhappy. The older woman wants to work it out and i don’t think she does, although i was dropping in and out of sleep but i don’t think that matters for this sort of film. It was really trippy in a goodway, occasional dramatic waterfalls and lots of mountains. Dreamy.

I’m sad to say that Cinerama 1 was a bit shit – the airco was on really loud and that sucked for such a quiet movie. Especially when the young self said to the older self that you have to listen to the silence and all you could hear was the background roar of the cinema. I love Cinerama generally – it looks like Paris and its faded charms are great, but i think it’s not doing so well (i signed a petition) … and the new lantaren venster is probably partly to blame for that.


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