fantail (spoilers)

Another awesome movie, which i saw straight after the hope factory. This meant i saw two magnificent movies before noon, leading to my annual “i heart the festival” moment.

This one is from new zealand and it actually chimed really well with hope factory, somehow.


Both stories are about a young female stuck in a smalltown which she wants to leave, who then accidentally murders someone. Odd. Whereas in hope factory i laughed at the murder (you had to be there i guess), this one is pretty tragic. The film builds up to the terrible moment really well, by which point you really have a lot of sympathy for Tania, the main character. The subplot of the love story is really well done and of course the theme of racism is superinteresting, since Tania is a blonde who passes as white although she is (or thinks she is) Maori.

In the Q&A we heard that the film has had a rapturous reception in the few screenings it has had in NZ so far. It’s based on a play that never got made and i guess you can see that since like In Bruges it’s a tight drama based on a few characters and their interactions.

Looks like this has been snapped up for international distro already, that’s great news!




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