Grand Talk – Peter Sloterdijk & Andrei Ujica – Fall of the Romanov Dynasty

Hmm…. so the big talk is a chat with a key figure eg director or inspiration (eg No, but i cannae find the review) before the film.

The grand talk is much much more (in theory). Next year  i’m hoping for the talk oorlog and maybe even a kapsalon (that’s one for the dutchies)…

So this wasn’t very well publicised and indeed it was quite hard to work out what was going on, even when we were there and being loaded up with headfones.

partone – a silent movie made by the soviet union in 1927 about the fall of the romanov dynasty. this was AMAZING to see, but an hour and twenty minutes long, when i thought it was goingto be a short. the live piano accompaniment was great, but got a bit boring after a while.. the footage first of all was of the decadent capitalists, then about the WWI, then about the soviets… then Lenin popped up and then it was all over. So loads of really interesting archive footage but too long, too long. And the performance was marked every so often by one of the headsets falling onto the floor.

parttwo – peter sloterdijk read from his new book, in heavily accented english…. sorry i didn’t undertsand SHIT!!! it was hard enough deciphering the words, let alone the meaning.. it reminded me of seeing baudrillard talk once in english and understanding precisly fuckall.

partthree – a debate between sloterdijk and Ujica – we were now about 2.5 hours into the event and with energy levels flapping around and down, O’s headset didn’t work for the simultaneous translation so we left…

all in all, with better organisation and a ten minute break halfway through this could have been banging… but why have sloterdijk talk in bad english when he could have read from the original german and be live translated?

roll on the kapsalon talks next year — they start at 4am/when centrale finishes, don’t be early!


2 thoughts on “Grand Talk – Peter Sloterdijk & Andrei Ujica – Fall of the Romanov Dynasty

  1. It was a great talk. It would have been better if Sloterdijk just spoke in German, forget the live translation, I expect everyone in the room to understand German.

  2. it definitely would have been better if he had spoken in his natural tongue, but i’m not sure why you expect everyone in the room to speak german. i don’t, my russian friend doesn’t and i doubt many of the film festival’s international guests would

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