once upon a time in shanghai

so this was my final movie of 2014 at the fest, my fifth of the day and it did feel a bit gratuitous. all in all this festival was superb, like always, although pretty intense – i had a headcold this year and thus saw less films than normal (this being the only day i achieved the holy five). but still over 20, so that’s ok.perhaps last year had more amazing movies overall (i remember seeing 8 fantastic ones in a fckn row!) but then i still saw some corkers this time round (metalhead / jacky / hopefactory / fantail / how we played the revolution / electro chaabi).

in any case, maybe M was right and we should have gone south to lantaren for the documentary about chimps. but yeah fuck lantaren and alos i will prob get the chance to see the docu another time, whereas this kung fu flick is unlikely to get distro.

the plot was dire, a mum counsels her son not to punch too hard but then he learns that some people deserve to get punched. i didn’t really like the CGI/digital feel, but the film did look nice though, really leached out colours. and the moody love interest was cool.

and i have now seen the legend of philip ng in action.


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