pussy riot on stage

Bit of a misnomer this since it was actually pussy riot introducing a preview of their movie pussy vs putin 2 and two bands the are friendly with.

“Are you not afraid of being attacked by cops?”

“We have been been attacked so many times we are not afraid any more”


Park Lanes

An 8 hour movie about workers in a US factory making bowling lanes? Bring it on!

This showed 9 til 5 in pretty much real time factory workers at work. It was fascinating to see the stuff being manufactured by hand, but there were a few probs:

It was hard to hear the people talk, both because of their slang and the ineffectiveness of the mike sometimes. Solution = Subtitles!

It was sometimes boring. Solution = edit! (although yeah if you want to show the mundanity of a working day…)

It was a bit frustrating the workers were often ill at ease with the presence of the camera. Solution = spend more time around the workers until you are part of the wallpaper / fly on the wall, although this is what wang bing says but maybe that’s easier in china than in media-obsessed U$A.

OK, having got the obligatory wangbing reference out the way, |I can also compare this to some of Ai Wei Wei’s films which i saw at the loisiana gallery in denmark – it could sit in a gallery but then you wouldn’t stick around for long – nice to have it in a cinema.

I lasted 3 hours, with a lunchbreak (they actually offered us lunch which was funny but it was bread so i went elsewhere). I’m not proud of 3 hours but hey my stomach hurt. Solution = less beer more sleep.

Big Rocks

This was fricken great, undoubtedly the worst bruce lee tribute film you will ever see.

It was so badly made that it went round the mulberry bush and came out good again.

Best lines:

“What did you dream?” “I dreamt of horses, beer and donkeys”

“I have to kill Refnan so we can finish the movie”


Solos¬†is a good example of a genre movie done well, kinda like Los Hongos. It’s a road movie set in the Peruvian rainforest, as a group of four friends drive around doing free cinema nights which no-one goes to. In the Q&A it emerged the film was almost completely improvised and it seems the film maker just rolled with the idea and it worked out really well.

However, there are also some great scenes with locals chatting away and in answer to the question of whether these stories were true or not (which she didn’t answer), the director Joanna Lombardi said that what she did was to set the cameras rolling, tell the locals she wasn’t filming and then get the actors to chat to them, and that was the footage we saw. This triggers some moral issues for me, since it would be really unethical to do this in other fields, such as academia – where it is generally frowned upon as both disrespectful and bad practice.

This is also somewhat ironic considering how in the film the argentinian characer always asks very sweetly if he can record the locals.t

“So what?” you might say. “These people will never see the film” but then of course we have to discuss colonial positionality. But i can’t be bothered to write an essay on that, the basic point is quite simple.

I do agree that the footage she got is great, I just wish she said she had gone back and shown the people the film and taken into account their feedback.

But yeah i guess that’s one reason why i don’t photograph or film people, the issue of consent (and stealing their souls, natch).