Brave Men’s Blood

And so the festival kicks off with a volunteers surprise movie which was as traditionally punchy as some of the others I’ve seen before, eg Bronson.

This film is a sequel, although I didn’t know that til after and it didn’t alter anything. It’s by Olaf the flower who made Higher Force.

It features Ingvar Eggert Sigurðsson who is legally obligated to be  in every Icelandic movie, Thora Bjorg Helga who was in Metalhead last year with Ingvar, Ryan Goslingson, Zlatko Krickic who was in Higher Force and loads of other Icelandic peeps with lovely eyes. There’s also some hilariously posh english gangsters.

The story is about drugs and corruption, it’s ok but there are some massive plotholes which spoilt it a bit for me. Which I shall now outline, so shut your eyes cover your ears and run screaming from the room if you haven;t seen the movie.

1 The corrupt guy is a head cop of narcotics and has an east european wife half his age donated by gangsters. Surely that might start bells ringing.

2 When he is under suspicion, they could have tailed him and seen all his dodgy dealings.

3 When the drugs are being driven away through the beautiful Icelandic countryside, where exactly are they going? Akureryi? By van not plane? As a device in the narrative it works, but when you ask the question it all unravels.






A more traditional review for those who like that sort of thing.


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