Duke of Burgundy

Hmmmm an erotic thriller with Sidse Babett Knudsen. My dad will be pleased.

I read in an interview that Sidse came late to the project, but it seems rather to me that the money people wanted to make some money and cash in on her Borgen fame.

Whilst the production was slick, there were a number of things I didn’t like about this movie:

1. It wasn’t erotic

2. Lesbian sex isn’t all about soft focus and swirling sheets, is it?

3. Sidse ignored a safe word. Sorry maar dan kan niet.

4. I enjoyed the idea that there is a community of kinky lesbians all lecturing each other on butterflies and moths but the whole conceit didn’t really carry. The CGI was slick but didn’t really add much.

5.It’s OK to poke fun at things but ultimately I felt that the film was trivialising perversion. Sidse is a great comic actress but domination games and watersports aren’t really something to be tittered at, they’re not that freaky. Having said that the locked box / human toilet brithday present scene was funneh.


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