Park Lanes

An 8 hour movie about workers in a US factory making bowling lanes? Bring it on!

This showed 9 til 5 in pretty much real time factory workers at work. It was fascinating to see the stuff being manufactured by hand, but there were a few probs:

It was hard to hear the people talk, both because of their slang and the ineffectiveness of the mike sometimes. Solution = Subtitles!

It was sometimes boring. Solution = edit! (although yeah if you want to show the mundanity of a working day…)

It was a bit frustrating the workers were often ill at ease with the presence of the camera. Solution = spend more time around the workers until you are part of the wallpaper / fly on the wall, although this is what wang bing says but maybe that’s easier in china than in media-obsessed U$A.

OK, having got the obligatory wangbing reference out the way, |I can also compare this to some of Ai Wei Wei’s films which i saw at the loisiana gallery in denmark – it could sit in a gallery but then you wouldn’t stick around for long – nice to have it in a cinema.

I lasted 3 hours, with a lunchbreak (they actually offered us lunch which was funny but it was bread so i went elsewhere). I’m not proud of 3 hours but hey my stomach hurt. Solution = less beer more sleep.


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