GO GO Cineville

Cineville is a really awesome way to support arthouse cinemas across the netherlands. For 19euro/month, films are free to see at participating cinemas. In Rotterdam, these are Lantaren Poopster, Cinerama, WORM, and CineNoord. On my way of thinking that means I have to see at least 3 films a month to “break even” … it gives a good incentive to go see stuff and what’s also nice is that you can just bop in to the cinema on a whim. I used to go to the sneak preview a lot as well, with the rationale being that it would piss me off to pay 8euro to see a surprise crap movie, but seeing it for “free” is a good gamble.

It’s also cool to be in different cities and to check out their arthouse places, for example the Eye in Hamsterdam or T’Hoogt in Utreg.

What however makes Cineville really cool, is that it’s valid at quite a lot of festivals, like GoShort in Nijmegen and the Vlaamsefilmfest in Utrecht at the Louis Hartlooper – then you can really rack up the movies.

Recently I went to Camera Japan for “free”

I also saw Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom at the Pleinbioscoop (outdoor cinema) with Cineville and it didn’t even rain.

Finally, if more reasons were needed, Rotterdam is soon to get a new arthouse cinema called KinoBuro which is associated with Cineville and will open soon in the old Lantaren Venster building. Woop!