ciutat morta @ poortgebouw

Big up the poortgebouw for showing this!!

wednesday feb 3 2016

food from 18.00, movie at 20.00

version1 on crappy computer… facebook event and other links to be added later!

Ciutat morta / ciudad muerte is a film from Barcelona about an outrageous case of police violence. This is most likely the first time the film is shown in Rotterdam and it is well worth watching!! In spain it caused a ruckus when it was shown on TV. However there have also been some serious criticisms of the film, which i’ll get to in a bit.

I’ll explain the events behind the movie first since otherwise the film is quite confusing, i guess becuase it was originally made for people who knew the context.

So…. one night during a squat party in central BCN, a flowerpot fell off a roof and hit a cop. The cop fell into a coma and his cowankers went beserk. Firstly they arrested some guys on the street for lookng south american (in BCN there’s racism by “pure” spanish against latin american people). These squatter types were savagely beaten and denied basic rights,before later being taken to a hospital for their wounds. Whilst at the hospital, the cops arrested some more people for looking alternative. These people had had a bike accident and had gone to the hospital for that reason… they were nowhere near the squat but ending up getting charged!!

The legal processes went on for years and became known as the 4F case. Some people were detained a long time. Patricia, one of the cyclists, eventually committed suicide. This tragedy was compounded when two cops involved in the case were convicted of corruption in another case in which they beat up the son of a diplomat and framed him for drugs. Because of this people started to believe the 4F people that they actually had been framed and beaten up, just as they said all along.

So years later, the 4F case is still live since thereis still a sense of the need for justice… but what is justice in this case? Yeah sure corrupt cops should be punished, preferably painfully, but actually i’d like the same for all cops and indeed for all people who think they can assume power over others. Patricia is dead, other people still bear wounds and psychological scarring… how can that ever be undone?

Most sick of all, there is a suggestion in the film, toned down in a second version after people protested, that if there was a person who threw the flowerpot from the roof and if they came forward to the police, then justice would be paid. But would it? And for who exactly?

The film has been disowned by juan, one of the 4F people interviewed in it. There’s his statement about that,but there is as yet no english version.

This is a smaller point, but i also really disliked the comment from patricia’s ex that she didnt deserve to get beaten up becuase she looked queer, she wasn’t  a migrant. Fuck that we are only free when all of us are free. 

So overally,the film is worth watching since it provides an account of a hugely complex case,but do bear in mind that there are criticisms… the 4F support group was not interviewed and does not likethe film. It was made by friends of patricia and it does appear that they could have opened up a bit more to other views. And thus would have made a better film in the end.



el sopar

ok im boycotting this barcelona skool program

i think it’s super unreasonable to have a 50min film with an unannounced 60min “short”before the movie. if the short had been interesting maybe i’d say different but i choose to go there and to be confronted with a short before it without being informed (except directly before) is fucked up.

it screws up the schedule and you cant walk away and come back because you dont know when the main attraction will begin… because its an unannounced short…this really sucks

so i.ll be boycotting the rest of the barcelona school program and also the lantaren boycott is back on again

anyhoo… el sopar was ok, quite interesting not great. i didnt like the way it was filmed (like a painting apparently) and whilst the topic of people imprisoned under franco talking about social struggle was cool, i wasn’t hugely enthused by some of their discussions.

for example, one guy wholiked to talk said about he wanted a special category for political prisoners, aside from the common criminals… whats a common criminalthen? who decides? yes we can talk about rapists and murderes, but do murderers and rapistsget cured by prison.surely we want to bringthe whole system down, not just make conditions betterfor the noble prisoners.

hwoever,the discussion on hunger striking was a good one. someone argued that hunger striking is somehting which hurts the protagonist of course but in addition only the state if there is mass support, otherwise its useless and ineffective. i agree with that actually. 


adachi masao is in retrospectiveand used to be in the red army so i thought it worth a check

it was ok, pretty weird

a woman gets raped by three men and decides she is refreshed by the experience… that’s pretty disturbing

then the end is great, people running around in nazi uniforms in the centre of a japanese city throwing salutes and gettin naked


altes geld

it was pretty cool to bingewatch a whole TV series on a big screen (well cinerama7 at least) .. especially a series as nuts as this

udo kier (yup!) plays a magnate with a fucked up family who realises he is dying… or he is? anyway much fun ensues

cannot recommend this enuff!

dallas on drugs /dynasty on steroids

the event

the event is a film about the aborted coup in russia in 1991 … more specifically about the protests in leningrad/stpetersburg. whilst blood was being shed in moscow and sergi loznitsa was hanging out in kiev where apparently nothing much happened, some intrepid underground filmmakers took footage of the huge gatherings in central leningrad.

losnitska then took this footage,added some boring speeches almost all by men, typical rhetoric of comrades we will not be betrayed by the former party leaders blablabla … and that was it


rather disappointing …of course the footage was interesting but i much rather hear the voices of the people on the streets …

there were some cool banners though like:

  • no to fascism
  • we have been betrayed by bureacrats for 73 years

uh i cant remember the rest

Far beyond the trees

this was pretty crazy! it’s a mondocane style fillum about traditional spanish villagecustoms,such as:

  • the march of the skinny donkeys ….in malaga they (used to?????) starve donkeys and then race them until they drop dead… the winner is the one that dies first…
  • dance down cobbled streets on stilts
  • torture many bulls
  • let a bull loose on a quay forcing everyone into the water
  • get dressedup as knights throw a donkey off a fricken castle wall!!!!