Filmlist iffr 2o16

Hoping to get over 30 this year – we’ll see!

  1. Girls Lost
  2. Montreal la Blanche
  3. Far beyond the trees
  4. Brother Dejan
  5. El Sopar
  6. Sex Game
  7. Altes Geld
  8. Hala love and sex
  9. the event
  10. porno e liberta
  11. Red Army / PFLP
  12. Plague at Karatas Village
  13. WINWIN
  14. Outfitumentary (half)
  15. Sprawl (half)
  16. Of the North (half)
  17. This is where Reconstruction Starts
  18. Green Room
  19. Helmut Berger, Actor (half)
  20. Lost Arcade
  21. La Ultima Tierra
  22. Fear Itself
  23. Animal Politico
  24. Actor Martinez
  25. Rotterdam Classics: Wederopbouw
  26. Raiders! The story of the greatest fan film ever made
  27. Wake (Subic)
  28. Bevergem
  29. Tiger Awards Short Films 6

Lost due to lurgy:

High rise

Bang gang

Chuck norris vs communism

Here come the videofreex

Woods Dreams are made of

Notes on Blindness



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