Montreal la Blanche

Before the movie, the festival director gave another cheesy corporate motivational speech, as before Girls Lost. He wasn’t going to thank us, oh no! Because, you see, we own the festival…. oh yeah, really, so where’s my catalogue then??? [Normally the catalogue is free to all volunteers, this year we can buy it for 20 euros!!] Fuck this shit i actually need it for my job. Whatever. The festival gets crapper every year. Always cutting away at volunteer stuff even though we really do make the festival what it is..

Then the director wished us luck watching Beyond Sleep but another movie came up!? Weird.

Montreal la Blanche is a movie about some Algerian immigrants living in Montreal, so that’s already an interesting topic, i like movies which depict societies i don’t know about. The plot was ok, quite slow but with a rather inappropriate happy ending. Verging on cheese. Happy christmas to one and all, families together blabla…

In a nutshell the film is about a taxi driver helping a woman find her daughter. With a car fuck up for the mother at the beginning my thoughts turned to Mommy, another Quebecois film, but in this film mummy is actually a famous Algerian singer who everyone thought was dead after she was attacked at a concert. The driver idolises her, sort of, and wants to help her, but the possibility for some time exists that he was actually part of the crew who wanted to kill her and he was mobilising his peoples to murder her properly this time. This parallel narrative was quite enjoyable but all the tension dissolved  in a puff of smoke when the cute daughter reappeared. My alternative plot would have been a bit more dramatic. But alas, it wasn’t to be.

The acting was great, I’d see more movies from Bachir Bensaddek, but overall this movie was limp. And the flashbacks to give context were a bit meh.

Maybe a sequel where the singer goes on a violent rampage?


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