el sopar

ok im boycotting this barcelona skool program

i think it’s super unreasonable to have a 50min film with an unannounced 60min “short”before the movie. if the short had been interesting maybe i’d say different but i choose to go there and to be confronted with a short before it without being informed (except directly before) is fucked up.

it screws up the schedule and you cant walk away and come back because you dont know when the main attraction will begin… because its an unannounced short…this really sucks

so i.ll be boycotting the rest of the barcelona school program and also the lantaren boycott is back on again

anyhoo… el sopar was ok, quite interesting not great. i didnt like the way it was filmed (like a painting apparently) and whilst the topic of people imprisoned under franco talking about social struggle was cool, i wasn’t hugely enthused by some of their discussions.

for example, one guy wholiked to talk said about he wanted a special category for political prisoners, aside from the common criminals… whats a common criminalthen? who decides? yes we can talk about rapists and murderes, but do murderers and rapistsget cured by prison.surely we want to bringthe whole system down, not just make conditions betterfor the noble prisoners.

hwoever,the discussion on hunger striking was a good one. someone argued that hunger striking is somehting which hurts the protagonist of course but in addition only the state if there is mass support, otherwise its useless and ineffective. i agree with that actually. 


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