Green Room

After seeing some rather slow mediocre movies it was cool to see this full-on tense thriller where punks fight Nazis. Plus Patrick Stewart. Was it as good as the blurb? Yes. it did not disappoint.

The writer/director jeremy saulnier was here with blue ruin two years ago, which also sounded good from the blurb although i didnt get to see it (yet).



Lost Arcade

Saw this by chance and had my annual “i love iffr” moment unexpectedly… Every year it creeps up on me, then suddenly i’m happy to be alive again and enjoying a weird movie in my favourite city. Today was double good in that i then went to WORM and danced to gabba at like 9pm on  a tuesday.

The film is a documentary about one of NY’s last arcades, in Chinatown. Doesn’t sound much but it’s about community and how people pull together when they have to, plus it was blessed with the documentarian’s gift of being in the right place at the right time for all the crazy shit to happen.