Taste of ink

It took me a while to work out what i think about this. I didnt really like the way the plot developed and by the end it was ridiculous.

I stayed for the Q&A, which shed some light on things since an actor talked in a rather pretentious fashion about the director opening up a space of rich exploration for the cast. Oh luvvie how marvellous!

But here is the thing. Despite the film being realistically shot this desire of the director to have a loose plot and to let the actors go where they want means that in the end the narrative nosedives and it goes implausible. Shame!



Wow much balletic violence at the end there. I realised halfway through that we were basically watching a rehash of drug war (seen at iffr13). And indeed the cop ended up handcuffed to the baddie again. But both movies by Johnnie To are superb!!


Best use of hammer ever! Also an interesting meditation on countryside vs city from the romanian perspective, although i wish there were more roles for people who weren’t old white males.


This was a tour (not a safari) of some new musical scenes in various african countries like burkina faso, senegal, nigeria. So many new artist names to try to remember! Nneka, sister fa.. uh I’ll have to look up the rest, it’s all a blur now.

The swedish (“by way of the gambia”) director was there for the q+a and it turns out it was originally a tv show which has already been screened across the african continent so perhaps one if the coolest things about this endeavour is that it is facilitating cross-pollination of different scenes.

The director mentioned the excellent black power mixtape, directed by goran olsson, who also did concerning violence. Both concerning violence and fonko mention thomas sankara, the former president of burkina faso. He was a pan-africanist killed for his revolutionary ideas in 1987. So there is some politics in the film but sadly i don’t think music alone can unify africa. Even if I love how musicians can be optimistic about the power of music,i’ve seen enough parties get busted. And I’ve seen how greedy some people are.

New music is always interesting and like i said i’ve definitely got some artists names i wanna check but my taste for underground styles like tekno, sppedcore, grindcore and soon wasn’t really fed. And those scenes also exist. Death metal angola (IFFR2013) points to that!


This is a documentary about norwegian black metal has influenced people in different places and it shows musicians from colombia, greece and iran coming to trondheim for a festival and meeting their idols.

Unfortunately the greek band are racist fucks whose bassist is a golden dawn MP. So why they are welcomed into the norwegian scene is a mystery to me. The film does show the band being interviewed and refusing to say if they are also connected to the neonazi movement so fuck them and fuck the people who welcomed them to norway.

Film was scopitone and followed by some live rotterdam death metal which was cool!

Killer of sheep

The projector broke 15 mins before the end! It was actually an excellent point to stop, so we left. This film was interesting in a way as a document of a specific 1970s culture, namely working class African-Americans living in Watts, Los Angeles but if you haven’t seen it, don’t worry you didn’t miss much. It being proclaimed as a classic seems to be as much about it being unscreened for 30 years as it actually being any good.