Maudite Poutine

And so to Cinerama for the first volunteers’ party. If by party you mean a film and a speech full of corporate nonsense from Bero (IFFR is not like any other festival apparently) then it was … a wicked party yo.

Maudite Poutine (Putain Malade?) was the surprise movie, ineptly introduced.

It’s a blacknwhite Quebecois movie about a guy in a hardcore band dealing with his fuckup brother, his band and the fallout from a failed robbery. It’s pretty good, a little basic in its metaphoric content (the bird was dead, he cleans for a job), but the story moves along alright. The lovestory is dealt with hilariously well and the bedroom flipout is awesome and very cathartic (I’ve never done as a good a job).

I just had a few questions… Like were there two cars at the beginning? Otherwise how did 7 people (4 baddies, 3 bandies) get in one car?

And why do the punks kids hangout at the same place as the punishment listening to no music, especially when they all seem to be about 25plus and have hangouts?

There were snippets of music at the beginning which were cool and helped to locate the film a bit. So why not give us more hardcore? That would have been cool. It’s not like people stopped listening.. And fire and hardcore would be epic…

Or add some limewax to really top it off….


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