Back in 2014 when my hair was blonde and my beer belly just a twinkle in my eye, this blog had its finest moment when my sensitively crafted, delicately critical review of mancanza crappano resulted in a delightful exchange with the deranged director (see the comments).

You can imagine my frustration when i perused the paper for this year’s IFFR but did not see the next film in the trilogy in the list!! Because the film i already saw was soooo good!! Imdb appears to have two listings for the 2016 film, called either lack-purgatory or mancanza-purgatorio and the descriptions soundreally, um….

A film about erring that embraces the word’s double meaning; to make a mistake and to wander.

In a hypothetical, contemporary Purgatory, an Angel navigates a cargo ship on a journey into the unknown, while a group of human beings are in a non-place possibly seeking salvation.

Gino for president!


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