Well my “i love IFFR” moment came really early this year! I was already in a good mood after chatting to a pleasant guy i sat down next to, then i enjoyed the volunteer coordinator presentations (volunteers watch 24000 hours of movies during the festival) and tips (watch atlanta), and then i thought it was really cool that the director and cast of lemon were there to wish us a good movie. Turns out it was also the opening movie but fairplay for saying hi to the volunteers too.

Then we watched lemon. And that is a very strange movie!! Off-kilter, funny, with great acting. Made somewhat stranger from seeing the main participants before it started. As the main actor said, it’s a movie about failure. The comedy is pretty dark and also hilarious concerning stereotyping and casual racism. I can’t say what this movie is actualy about, just that it is really demented. The family singalong of a million matzoh balls was all the better for being totally unexpected and the finale is … well you just have to see it for yerselves… you wouldn’t believe me if i told you.

I like it that i wasn’t really in the mood for this and it won me over. Also it’s always cool to see a movie in a rammed audiotorium and to hear at what points people laugh.

Imdb says “A man watches his life unravel after he is left by his blind girlfriend” but it’s funnier than that sounds.






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