Where is rocky II?

A truly excellent indie arthouse film. Really strange plot and you never know what is “real”. Shame in a way that the only chance to see stuff like this is at festivals.


Mole Song – Hong Kong Capriccio

With fond memories of seeing the first Mole Song movie up in the gods at a packed Schouwburg in 2014, I was looking forward to seeing this as my last movie of IFFR2017. This year I’ve seen almost 40 movies, smashing all previous records and overall it’s been great in terms of film quality.

I tried to get some other people to come see this, being in a group at Oude Luxor is always fun, ultimately I ended up seeing most of this on my own, with people being taken ill and sitting behind me without realising. Hey ho that’s how it goes, I guess one reason I’ve seen so many movies this year is because I’ve focused more on film and less on friends.

In terms of the film itself, well it was definitely too long and only really funny in parts, but still a great closing film. You can’t really ask for more than Takashi Miike. Will there be a part three? Will I be back at IFFR? Of course, of course.

Secret defense

Hmmm maybe the first film this year that i would describe as shit. Just a mainstream sexist thriller which could easily become a naked gun style spoof.

Why did the drug dealer become muslim? Why have women naked in sex scenes and not men?


The last family

But not quite the last film. A 9am showing in cinerama4, one of the worlds best screens.

Strange how the depiction of the schizo son reminded me strongly of good friends, in terms of mannerism and gaze.

The film won me over with how it depicts time passing, little touches like the mum getting glasses and the reel2reel players changing to tape.

Oratorio for prague

The film that put nemec into exile. Apparently it also made him world famous coz the images were circulated worldwide.

The introducer told us that they had basically finished their happy film about the prague spring when the tanks rolled in so then they kept filming and ended up making a very different film.