Sweet country

This is a fairly heavy movie about the interactions between white australian settlers and their aboriginal workers. I can imagine it will have quite an impact in oz.

It is a nuanced postcolonial film where everything is in shades of grey. I don’t think it will come as a surprise to hear there isn’t a happy ending.

Like with loveling, all the acting is excellent and although i would not say the film is amazing it ticks the boxes of being wellmade and thought-provoking whilst having a social political impact.



Sweet brazilian movie about a family and their day2day living situation which focuses mainly on the mother’s relationship with her son. Lots of empathetic sighing from the mums in the packed out room!

Really good acting from everyone including the kiddy winkles.

That is the second good movie i have seen from brazil this year, the first was cannibal club.

Outrage coda

End film of a yakuza trilogy.. pretty sure i have seen at least one of the previous films at iffr. [yep saw the first one in 2011]

What can i say … its a wellmade film of course but i was not so impressed, for a kitano film it should be better. Villainess did it better.

Oldskool men fighting it out pff feels a bit boring.


Quality docu about metal in afghanistan. Unusually the music plays a back part in a way since the politics are so interesting.

It was awesome that the director and singer from the band could be both there – in fact scopitone had the world premiere yesterday!

Like with bamseom pirates soul inferno last year it was great to see someone who got jailed in the movie standing there happily at the front. The singer seemed pretty philosophical about his experiences but they cannot have been that pleasant.

I hope the film doesnt land anyone in the shit but like they said the taliban have got bigger fish to fry.

Fuck those sick fucks who sent a teenage suicide bomber into the institut francaise in kabul, that is just horrifying.

Fuck all religion too!!