Madame hyde

Quirky, absurd movie.

Isabelle huppert is superb!! Having recently seen her play a megabitchy matriarch in happy end, it was so impressive to watch her play a timid teacher.


My friend the polish girl

I had to walk out of this not because it was crap but because i needed to get to the next movie, madam hyde. Since it was going all going a bit porny i felt like people would assume i was prudish yet that is not so.

I was quite enjoying it, strange film with its enigmatic structure. Without looking at reviews im guessing it was a straight up true docu but it could easily be a wellcrafted spoof.

I couldnt really guess how it ends.

Insect revisited

So great to be at the world premiere of švankmajer’s possibly last feature film. I have been lucky enough to see almost everything by him in the cinema thanks to a cinecity retrospective five years ago in brighton.

Conspirators of pleasure and alice are incredible works of art. I am still processing insect. In the bigtalk and in the film intro švank says he just let his imagination rip, and it is really weird.

I suppose the problem for me is high expectations since švank working on a čapek brothers script is a dream combination.

Speaking of dreams švank must have fun ones. I love the way he crosses mental boundaries so fluidly.


Psychodrama set in jersey that was a bit.. off. The mum was great, the police scenes were like normal total fantasy. The twists got boring somehow, i dunno it didnt really work for me.

Did manage to get the last bus home tho and that is what counts at the end if the day.